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AmniSure ROM (Rupture of [Fetal] Membranes) Test
CPT 84112(Placental alpha microglobulin-1 [PAMG-1], cervicovaginal secretion, qualitative)
ICD-9 Codes
644.03Threatened premature labor, antepartum condition or complication
658.10Premature rupture of membranes in pregnancy, labor and delivery, unspecified as to episode of care or not applicable
658.11Premature rupture of membranes in pregnancy, labor and delivery, delivered, with or without mention of antepartum condition
623.5Leukorrhea, not specified as infective (vaginal discharge)
V22.2/V23.9Pregnant state, Incidental/Supervision of unspecified high-risk pregnancy
V23/23.7Supervision of high-risk pregnancy/Supervision of high-risk pregnancy with insufficient prenatal care
Procedure Description A sample of vaginal secretion is obtained by a vaginal swab and placed in a vial with a solvent designed to extract the amniotic fluid from the swab. After approximately 1 minute, the swab is disposed and a test strip containing a unique combination of monoclonal antibodies is dipped into the vial with the remaining solution. This test uses principles of immunochromatography to detect presence of the placental a-1 microglobulin, protein marker of amniotic fluid. Over a 5-10 minute period, the sample substance flows throught the test strip. If the placental a-1 microglobulin protein marker is present above a certain threshold level, two gold lines will appear on the test strip signifying ROM. Only one gold line will mean the absence of ROM.
PaymentClinical lab services are paid under the Medicare Clinical Laboratory Fee Schedule. The National Limitation Amount (NLA) for CPT 84112 as determined by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) for 2012 is $91.23.
Frequently Asked QuestionsQ: Does the AmniSure test have FDA Clearance?
A: Yes, FDA Clearance was received on Fenuary 2, 2004.
Q: Is additional documentation required when submitting a claim for CPT 84112?
A: Because CPT 84112 is a new code that has just been issued in 2010, some third-party payers and health plans may not yet have established a reimbursement rate your facility considers suitable. It is therefore crucial to submit this code for reimbursement and to appeal any underpaid claims. You may be asked to submit doctor notes or additional documentation proving that use of the AmniSure ROM Test on a patient was medically necessary to diagnose PROM.
Q: Why would i go through the extra effort of appealing an underplaid claim?
A: Simply put, appealing underpaid claims to ensure their proper payment gives medical facilities the opportunity to cover their expenses and recover revenue. Health Insurers save money when they partially pay or deny a claim payment because medical facilities do not always actively pursue appeals. As an example, within five months of implementing an effective claims appeal process, one practice in Chicago was recovering as much as $100,000 per month.1 As a registered user of the AmniSure ROM Test, you will have access to time-saving and effective templates and tools for appealing underpaid or denied claims. For more information on obtaining these resources please visit

1American Medical Association, "Appeal that Claim," 2008.
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