The resources on this page are provided as a courtesy to assist AmniSure ROM Test users in fulfilling their documentation and training requirements. Many AmniSure users have found these resources to be an effective basis for developing their own AmniSure materials.

Implementation Resources

In most facilities that implement the AmniSure ROM Test, the laboratory can take an active role in assuring quality control of incoming test shipments and subsequent testing.

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AmniSure is dedicated to helping today's busy physicians, nurses, and laboratorians meet their professional development needs through support of CME/CNE/PACE® lectures on the topic of PROM.


Billing Information

AmniSure provides medical billing and coding information as well as customer service through QIAGEN Reimbursement Solutions.

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Please note that the materials available are not intended to substitute for the user facility's Procedure Manual and use thereof does not exempt the user of AmniSure from the responsibility of following Federal, State, and local guidelines for quality control requirements. The manufacturer disclaims any responsibility related to user's utilization of the materials downloaded from this page.


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