Key Opinion Leaders on AmniSure

  • Dr. Errol R. Norwitz, MD, PhD

    "The advantage of this [AmniSure] test; [is that] it is much more objective, and also there is an enormous distinction between the concentration of this protein in the amniotic fluid, and the cervical vaginal discharge."

    - Excerpt from Roundtable: Dr. Errol R. Norwitz, MD, PhD, interviewed by Alix Boyle, OBGYN.net interviews

  • Dr. Richard Porreco, MD

    "I have not had a single case where I was concerned about the accuracy of the test...AmniSure seems to have promise to become the next Gold Standard for the diagnosis of rupture of membranes."

    - Excerpt from AmniSure Roundtable with Dr. Richard Porreco, MD and Dr. Andrew C. Combs, MD

Clinicians on AmniSure

  • Doctors on the AmniSure ROM Test

    "We've been using it for almost two years now, it's part of our routine... We find this very useful when we're trying to rule in or rule out rupture of membranes... Be sure with AmniSure!"

    - Excerpt from Dr. Robert Massaro, MD, New Jersey

  • Nurses on the AmniSure ROM Test

    "We have been using AmniSure for I can't even tell you how long... It's a great tool because we don't have physicians in-house all of the time so it's a great tool for us to have available. We can actually do the test, call the physician and let the physician know what the results are."x

    - Keiko Tergersen, Perinatal Nurse Educator, Alaska


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