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The Evidence

A growing body of evidence-including international guidelines, peer-reviewed studies are highlighting the clinical utility of the PAMG-1 biomarker detected by the AmniSure ROM Test as an aid in the diagnosis of PROM.

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    Need For a More Accurate ROM Test

    "Evaluation of ferning, nitrazine, and/or ultrasound has shown that they add little, if anything, to speculum examination alone and that none of them are as accurate as the test based on biochemical markers."

    - Di Renzo GC, Cabero L, et al. "Guidelines for the management of spontaneous preterm labor." J Matern Fetal Neonatal Med 2011; 24(5): 659-667.

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    Published Literature

    Several peer-reviewed publications have studied AmniSure's performance metrics as an aid in the diagnosis of ROM.

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