Who Uses AmniSure®?

Because of their ease of use, non-invasive nature and high degrees of both specificity and sensitivity, AmniSure® PROM kits are ideal for hospitals and a wide range of other healthcare facilities. Samples can be collected without a speculum, so nurses, midwives, obstetricians can easily use this as an effective aid in ROM detection.

Results are easy to interpret and are ready within minutes, providing fast access to information that is vital to making the decision to induce labor.

How AmniSure® Works

AmniSure® is a one-step test that identifies trace amounts of the placental alpha microglobulin (PAMG-1) protein found in amniotic fluid. When fetal membranes are intact, PAMG-1 is not detected due to its naturally low background concentration. A positive test for PAMG-1 indicative of PROM with 99% accuracy, according to published data.

To collect a sample, a sterilized swab is inserted into the vagina. This swab is then rinsed with solution in a vial and disposed of. A test strip, inserted into the vial, provides a clear indication of whether or not PAMG-1 is present in the vaginal fluid.

Benefits of AmniSure® PROM Test Kits for Clinics

AmniSure® helps supervising physicians to make accurate, confident diagnoses of PROM at any stage of pregnancy. Older diagnostic methods such as ferning, ultrasound, nitrazine pH and IGFBP-1 biomarker testing are expensive as they are time consuming and more likely to produce false positives.

With AmniSure®, it is easy and cost-effective to make more timely interventions, which can lead to improved patient outcomes, better use of staff and material resources, and decreased liability due to unnecessary hospitalization or premature induction of labor.

Benefits of AmniSure® PROM Test Kits for Midwives and Nurses

AmniSure® PROM test kits are reliable and easy to administer. User-friendly, fast and dependable, the AmniSure® PROM test is an invaluable ally for any healthcare practitioner.


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